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Attorney by trade.

entrepreneur at heart.

About Jamie Benizri

Jamie Benizri continues to challenge industry standards and develop innovative service models that make it easier for individuals, and businesses to meet their legal needs.

Both in the court-room and outside, his extensive experience with entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporate clients – has made him an expert in helping businesses large and small meet their objectives and protect their interests.

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Discover some of Jamie’s Accomplishments

Jamie plays a key role in local and international business networking groups, and has a knack of connecting people to take advantage of opportunities they never knew existed.  Supported by a community of 30K strong on Linkedin, Jamie is adamant on meaningful connections.

Founder & CEO

Jamie is the founder of Legal Logik, an industry-leading law firm, and TicketAide, an online ticket contesting platform.

Legal Logik & TicketAide


Jamie has continued to invest in his love for entrepreneurship by seeking out promising business ventures, such as Legal Logik, TicketAide and

Seizing business opportunities

Keynote speaker

Jamie is sought after as a Keynote Speaker, panelist and moderator in both English and French, in Canada and abroad.

Delivering compelling speeches around the world


Jamie has authored numerous books including Entrepreneur Inc., and 89 Laws of Entrepreneurship, all part of his “Entrepreneur Survival” series.

Acclaimed Author


Jamie has won numerous awards over the years, such as “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2017, and “Most Innovative Law Firm” for Legal Logik in 2015 and 2016.

Exceptionally Recognized

Law Advocate

Jamie created Business Network 360, an organization seeking to create awareness of law and business, and creating tools for the entrepreneurship community.

Guiding the Entrepreneurship Community