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I used to run a pyramid scheme

I used to run a pyramid scheme. I’m a lean, mean relationship building machine, but I took it too far. At the peak of my firm’s size, I maintained 48 active relationships with people that reported to me. My pyramid structure crumbled. I thought I could handle all my relationships, but I was spread too […]

The Importance of Being a Mentor

I'm thrilled to support the Canadian Mentoring Partnership | Partenariat canadien de mentorat. For Me Zoe Fortin and I, “mentoring does not mean having all the answers. It means helping the mentee find the answers they need through your advice and their experience. Mentors allow you to develop your own skills such as self-confidence, resourcefulness [...]

l’avocat dans un monde moderne.

Récemment, le Barreau du Québec a rappelé à ses membres que le Code de déontologie leur interdit d’afficher les témoignages de satisfaction de leurs clients. À l’heure où les technologies et les réseaux sociaux ont pris une place grandissante dans nos vies, cette règle a-t-elle encore sa raison d’être ? Me Jamie Benizri, avocat fondateur du cabinet Legal [...]

January 1, 2020, I forever gave up my office.

I don’t want a corner office. I don’t want the mahogany desk. I gave up my first office 8 years ago because I didn’t have room for my first staff. I gave up my second office within a week because we grew too fast. My paralegal moved into my third office to help and I’ve […]

Jamie makes history with a Canadian Bank

“Jamie Benizri and TD Wealth advisors team up in new series” I’m obsessed with creating value for my #partners, by unlocking their #passions and sharing their stories. Nader Nasr, CFP®, CIM® and Rodney Beveridge are Portfolio Managers with TD Wealth, serving the community where I grew up and how live. We teamed up and went [...]

Course 2

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Start-Up Legal 101

Planning on incorporating your business? Makes sure to avoid these common mistakes to launch on strong legal footing and prevent legal issues down the road.

Benefit from incorporating your business

Incorporating has never been easier and more affordable. Incorporating offers you limited liability, meaning that in the event of a lawsuit or bankruptcy, you won’t be held personally responsible for the debts of the corporation, provided you act in good faith and comply with government rules. You may lose your initial investment, but you won’t [...]